The philosophy behind
Freshly Baked NYC

Our mission is to deliver superior, safe, tested, responsibly-sourced, value-priced cannabis products that New York’s consumers deserve and demand. We’re committed to building trust and understanding individual needs, offering expert guidance and a personalized cannabis experience.

Our vision is to redefine the cannabis dispensary as a community cornerstone, fostering diversity and inclusivity, supporting those impacted by prohibition, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for shared, positive cannabis experiences.

Meet The Team

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Co-founder David Nicponski is a Software Engineer. He has had a lifelong interest in industry disrupting startup companies.  David has closely followed legalization efforts in each state since California’s success in 1996. With NY’s cannabis legalization, he realized he could build another startup from the ground up and help the community to grow economically.

Pam Nicponski

Pamela Nicponski, co-founder, comes from a CPA background. With the 2021 legalization of cannabis in New York, she researched and dove into understanding the regulatory and licensing aspects, gaining insights into the business potential of retail dispensaries. She is looking forward to applying her accounting knowledge to enhance profitability and efficiency.

John Nicponski

Co-founder John Nicponski has a mathematics and computer science background. He joined Freshly Baked NYC in April 2023. Since then, he has familiarized himself with the special needs of the cannabis industry and participates in planning of and analysis for the company.

The Beginning

Starting our cannabis business was a complex journey. We initially educated ourselves with online research as New York’s legalization unfolded, and post-licensure, we enhanced our knowledge and network through conferences and seminars.